Halfway housekeeping

I don’t know a lot of people who place housekeeping at the top of their bucket lists. Love the result, sure. The process, not at all.

On this weekend’s beach trip (high school senior year spring break redux), I asked my long-time BFFs how they manage to fit housekeeping into their busy lives. A stream of creative halfway housekeeping tips welled from our combined experiences.

Hide your junk. De-cluttering the house is a quick way to make the house appear clean. Toss all the excess off countertops, in corners, and on tables into a giant garbage bag. Throw it into a dark corner in a little-used closet. Sort it later. Or throw it away if you haven’t missed it within a year.

Smells clean. Scrubbing and dusting are good, but if there’s no time, spray. The scent of a bleach cleaner in the bathroom or lemon oil in the living room is enough to fool most guests.

Dim the lights. Try scented candles. Nobody can see dirt by candlelight.

Get rid of the pet hair. A rubber-soled shoe will grab pet hair from a rug. There’s something satisfying about gathering a giant hairball off the dining room carpet. Vacuuming may be cleaner, but you can’t vacuum while you’re ordering takeout for the dinner party.

And for the rest of the floors–enjoy this tip from Saturday Night Live.


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