Roadside wildflowers on exhibition

Swamp Rose Mallow Hibiscus

In some areas, wildflowers are rare this late in the summer. Here along the tropical Gulf Coast, the roadsidia is thriving.

Roadsidia sunny yellow

Between my Audubon Field Guide and the resources offered by the internet, I expected to have no trouble identifying the wildflowers I photographed this week.  But the photos in the books and online don’t look exactly like mine. So, though I’m certain about the identity of Swamp Rose Mallow, a member of the hibiscus family, I’m not sure about the other flowers I spotted. So I gave them new names. The precedent for such primitive behavior goes all the way back to Adam. Remember when God showed the first man all that He had created, and allowed him to name it?

Some people have gotten really famous from doing just this sort of thing. Carl Linneaus, 1707-1778, known as the father of modern taxonomy. John James Audubon, 1785-1851, the French-American painter, ornithologist and naturalist, for whom the Audubon Society is named. William Bartram, 1739-1823, who explored much of what is now the Southeastern United States from 1773-1777. They all probably assigned names to these flowers before I did. But I enjoyed the experience just as much.

Happy marsh pinks

Drainage ditch iris


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