I read dire predictions about global warming and overpopulation and say to myself: God will provide. He fed the Hebrews manna and quail  in the desert, and stretched two fish and five loaves to feed 5,000, didn’t he?

Despite those miracles, I also feel the responsibility that comes with God’s directive from Genesis to rule over the earth. Shouldn’t the rulers take care of the gift of Creation?

I make some choices to try to do my part. I live close to town, walk when I can, drive a small[er] car, set my thermostat as high or low as I can stand it, turn off lights, use compact fluorescent lightbulbs, recycle, compost, and try not to buy randomly or throw away frivolously. And yet, because two of us live in a single-family home, my consumption rate is no better than average for America. And when it comes to consuming resources, the United States is no role model for the world.

Then there’s the fact that I nearly double my carbon footprint because we actually live in two houses.

Even though I believe that I’m contributing to the destruction of Creation, I’m not ready to give up my water view. The city view, yes. But the city location is dictated by work opportunities.

Until retirement, then, I will live conscientiously, support the work of organizations that spread the message, and pray for a miracle of loaves and fishes for our world resources.


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