Villains need time off

This past week, we’ve been over the river and through the woods, giving thanks. Nearly 1,500 miles worth.

I’m grateful for the sights and tastes and experiences, for safe travel, and for the time to set aside ordinary concerns for a focus on amusement.

Between gatherings, we passed some of the hours on the road with audio books. Long, involved thrillers, to be exact.

International thrillers are thrilling, if you can suspend disbelief long enough to buy the villain’s motivation. Back in the good old Cold War days, we trusted Maxwell Smart and Get Smart’s other CONTROL agents to save us from KAOS.

Now, keeping the world safe for democracy doesn’t seem to be enough. But world domination? Come on, Dr. Evil. Who wants it, really? What do these guys expect to do with the world once they get it? Reminds me of a dog catching a bus. Wouldn’t it be enough just to take a week off?

We did. And I don’t have any desire now to conquer the world. I just want to get back to the routine.


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